Registration for the 2nd IDSA Winterdays

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3rd Day of the Winterdays on December 5th, 2019

Working Group Meetings

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During the event, photos and video footage of the event and the attendees will be taken. A selection of these photos will be provided to all those interested in a picture gallery. The photos and video recordings may be published for internal purposes, but also on the IDSA website or the websites of its members and partners, in print media and for external purposes. You will not receive any compensation for this. Please note that photos and video recordings can be accessed worldwide when published on the internet.

Further use of these recordings by third parties can therefore not be ruled out in general, even after IDSA or its members and partners have removed these recordings from their own websites and deleted them in their own systems. If you or your companions do not want IDSA or its members and partners to post footage of you, please let it know to the on-site photographer / filmmaker. The photographers / filmmakers are instructed to naturally follow such requests.